MXON 2016

We are proud to be the official helmet design sponsor of the German MXON team 2016. Too bad the guys were a bit unlucky this year.

Matte Motocross Graphics

Hey everyone, we have finally been able to produce Motocross decors with Matter surface. When ordering, simply select Extras “Matt laminate”.

This option looks very cool, especially for decors with a lot of black or neon yellow.

KTM Orange

Every one of you who runs a 2016 or already 2017 KTM knows that the orange has changed over the previous years. This makes it more difficult to meet the right color. We at Backyard Design have spared no expense and effort for you and have given us one of the best printers to meet the KTM Orange 100%. And all without extra cost.

2017 KXF 250 Template

Even before the 2017 KXF250 was available on the market, we were already busy with Backyard Design and got us the new Kawa to take the templates. To our luck, only the cooler wings have changed compared to the 2016 KXF450, so we did not have too much work with it.

By the way, we take all our templates for the current bike designs ourselves. If you have questions about our templates or need help with sticking you can call us gladly.