Nick Schmidt wins ADAC SX Cup 2016/2017

After an exciting final on Saturday, the Sturm Racing Rider Nick Schmidt won the ADAC SX Cup in Dortmund and won the first notable title ever won with one of our graphics.

We are delighted to have such an ambitious and successful partner with the Sturm Racing Team and its partners and look forward to further cooperation. We hope that we will see the US boy Nick Schmidt at some MXGP races this summer in Europe.


Photocredit: Rico Scheller 

RTech – Revolution Plastics Yamaha YZ 125/250

We are now able to produce graphics for the all new R-Tech Revolution plastics.

The plastic parts as shown on the bike of “Twostroke Army” team rider Thomas Haas are delivered with black tank.
Just select the R-Tech Revolution Plastics from our order form in the “Plastic parts” field.

A cool new update for the 2-stroke Yamaha as we find.

Military Appreciation Race San Diego

The second round of the AMA Supercross series in San Diego always takes place on the “Military Appreciation” weekend as well as in recent years. We are looking forward to the event as a most riders do, because we can let our creativity free again.

The Yamaha YZF 450 in our picture is from our team driver David Pulley, USA. In the background on his graphicsis a picture of an aircraft carrier on which his grandfather has served in the Second World War. Unfortunately he had no luck in San Diego despite cool design and could not reach the nightshow.

We wish him good luck for A2.


Cross Magazin 450 Shootout

We are the proud partner of the Cross Magazine and provide all test bikes with backgrounds.

If you want to know which 450 has what it takes to win the 450 shootout get the mag here.

#BYDTeam rider about to win the ADAC-SX Cup 2017

The American Nick Schmidt riding for the Sturm Racing Team is on his way to clinch the German ADAC SX Cup 2016/2017 championship title.

We are very proud to work with the successful Sturm Racing Team.

Chrome Logos

The order form has the option “Chrome Logos”. Since the right chrome effect on the PC is not as good as it looks in real, it is difficult for us to display the chrome logos on the designs correctly.

Until now, no customer had been disappointed by the effect of the Chrome logos. The extra option “Chrome Logos” always refers to the main logo on the shrouds.

CRF 450 2017

Better late than never. Unfortunately we had to wait with the template for the all new CRF450 2017 until it was available to everyone.

However, we now have the template for the new CRF 450 2017. Designs for this have been available for a long time and can be configured immediately with the new BYD ID Tool.


BYD-COLOR MATCH // Matching the right color is important for us. Everyone who has ever bought a graphic kit knows that it looks better when the Kawasaki green fits, for example, the Kawasaki plastic parts.

If you don’t think about it too much you would think that all aftermarket plastic manufacturers will produce the same color for each bike. However, this is not so. In the case of Kawasaki, the original Kawasaki plastic parts have a completely different green tone than, for example, Acerbis or UFO plastic parts. For this reason, we have integrated the selection point “plastic parts” in our BYD-ID tool directly at the beginning in order to be able to react even better to the possible color deviations.

Our printers are calibrated monthly with the latest plastic parts from various manufacturers such as Cycra, Acerbis, UFO, Racetech and Polisport.

If you find a color deviation in your ordered order despite the selection of the correct plastic parts, please feel free to contact us. Especially in the case of neon plastic parts, the manufacturers often have color deviations in the plastic parts, which make it very difficult for us to make the colors for 100%.


Who has ever ordered with us, has probably stumbled over the term “Extra-Grip”. The extragrip vinyl, just like the “extra thick film” is an extra vinyl which we rub in the areas where you rub a lot with the boots or knees to give the rider more stop at the motorcycle and at the same time “rub through” the graphics prevention.

Compared to Skateboard “Griptape” our “Extra-Grip” is rather rubbery and friendly to the pants.

Cross Finals 2016

We were with a stand at the Cross Finals 2016 in Kaltenholzhausen. In addition to many customers, we have also conducted some interesting discussions with manufacturers. Stay tuned.