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Du kannst jede Farbe, jedes Logo, deine Startnummer und deinen Namen einfach selbst auf deinem Dekor anbringen.
Wähle eines unserer Grunddesigns aus und gestalte es mit unserem Konfigurator komplett selbst.


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Design your own enduro Yamaha WR250F decor set yourself

With our enduro decor configurator you can now create your own Yamaha WR250F enduro decor set yourself

The WR250F from Yamaha is probably one of the most robust enduro bikes on the market. For our Yamaha Enduro riders, we also offer decors for the WRF250 in our Enduro Online Shop.

Of course we also wanted to offer the new Yamaha WR250F in our configurator. So that our 4-stroke enduro fans can also design their decor.

You can upload your own logos and place them on your decor yourself. As soon as you have sent us the print approval, we can produce your motocross decor film in record time and cheaply and deliver it to you quickly.

More about plastic parts and seat covers for your Yamaha WR250F

There are many different plastic parts on the Yamaha YZF250 these days. That’s why you have to be particularly careful when choosing your built-in plastic parts.

Cycra has the Cycra Powerflow Kit for the new WR250F, which has a very different shape from the original. We have included all the shapes in the configurator so that you can perfectly imagine your new decor.


We also offer you seat covers for your Yamaha WR250F 2019, which you can buy directly from us. Of course you can also adjust the colors in the configurator and thus create your personalized custom seat cover. In the future we want to offer the seats personalized with your name and race number.

In order to offer you the factory look like the Yamaha factory decors by Gautier Paulin or Justin Cooper, we have designed the Factory Yamaha decor for you, a decor in the style of the Yamaha factory decor with the factory look. For everyone else who likes to look for a more unusual decor, we also have a large selection of other designs for your Yamaha WR250F.

Hier sind ein paar echte Produktbillder von deinem neuen Dekor: